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  Friday, June 23,  2017  8:39:am

String Skipping for Speed
String Skipping For Guitar Speed

In this lesson, I'll show you how to create patterns with wide interval leaps by skipping strings.

This creates a wild effect that is unexpected to the listener and sounds as if your fingers are doing back flips on the fingerboard!

The first way to achieve string skips in an orderly fashion is to play octaves. If you play a pattern and displace each note with it's octave either higher or lower, you will create a dizzying effect.

Exercise 1 demonstrates an octave displacement pattern that will wow your friends! Be sure to alternate your picking strokes and lay your 1st finger across the skipped string to dampen unwanted vibration.



E |-------15----------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------15-----------------15------------------------|
G |--12---------------------14-----------------14---------------|
D |-----------12-----------------12----------------------14\12--|
A |---------------------12-----------------12-------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------------12--------|

This lesson was taken from Speed Guitar Techniques We all want to learn to play faster, right? You see your guitar heroes ripping off fast lines and playing all over the fingerboard and you're inspired to pick up your guitar and play!

Then you come to a realization - it doesn't quite sound the same. In the Speed Guitar Techniques course, we're going to be focusing all of our attention on speed and control. Yes, control.

Without the "control" all the speed in the world will do you no good.

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